About Us

We empower sports at all levels

iOn Sport is an Australian technology company that is passionate about empowering sporting performance. Our business concept was born out of a latent need to simplify the workflow for coaches, trainers, athletes and administrators of sport - by developing cost effective technological solutions that are applicable from the grassroot level of sport to the professional elite.

iOn Sport: The Enterprise

We believe that our enterprise will revolutionise the processes of coaching, training, talent identification, broadcast and consumption in sport.


Our mission is to develop and apply technology that will provide actionable insights to the world of sport at an affordable cost from grassroot to professional level.


Our vision is to work with sporting teams and organisations to deliver the right technology tools to enable sustainable growth and development at all levels of sport.

Technology Solutions

Our technology delivers real-time fusion of video, statistics, GPS and sensor data. iOn Sport provides end to end solutions to capture, analyse and share sporting content.

The iOn Sport Story

iOn sport was founded when an Analyst in the National Rugby League went looking for a way to automate his video capture tasks to simply get on with his core role of analysing video.

From that beginning, iOn Sport has evolved over the last decade into an Australian sports technology company that is revolutionising coaching and player development at the elite level and in grassroots and pathways sport.

Our solutions are designed to simplify the workflow and empower sporting organisations through the latest technology tools and cloud platforms.